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I have over 30 years experience in antique gun restoration. I have done work for museums, collectors, gun dealers, and families wanting to preserve their heirlooms. Skills that I have learned over the years by making new rifles I apply to restoring old ones. Specializing in the area of Kentucky rifles, I have worked on some of the finest American longrifles.

I am especially interested in locks and have re-converted many guns from percussion back to flintlock. I have made molds directly from many antique locks and have had these investment cast. This gives me a large variety of replacement parts for flintlocks. When necessary, I am able to make all the parts of a flintlock from scratch. It is important that not only the style, size, and time period of parts be correct but that the texture, color, and patina match the original gun. My formal education as a chemist has helped me develop methods to duplicate old finishes on steel, as well as brass and wood. 


 American Lock

 Before                                                  After    


 Engish Lock

 Before                                                           After


 Germanic Lock

Before                                                           After