Inquiries Welcome


I have been making and restoring a variety of objects for over thirty years. My main interest is things from the 18th century especially American longrifles. This is due to my love of history and art. What follows is a listing of some of the things I have done.

Muzzle Loading Firearms

In the area of muzzle loading firearms, I make historically correct recreations from a variety of time periods, regional styles, and firearm types. Some examples would be Kentucky rifles, pistols, and fowlers; Indian trade guns, pistols and rifles; European pistols, fowlers, and jaeger rifles.


Antique Gun Restoration

From the beginning I have been interested in antique firearms. Many of the skills I have developed making new muzzle loading firearms have been applied to understanding and restoring antique pieces. The knowledge gained from working on old guns has enabled me to make more authentic recreations. The two go hand in hand so I am pleased to accept restoration work.

Indian Trade Silver

The making and engraving of silver inlays for firearms led me to make several pieces of Indian trade silver. Historically, a variety of jewelry was made by 18th and 19th century silversmiths to be traded to the Indians for furs. Typical pieces are crosses, broaches, finger rings, arm bands, ear bobs, and gorgets. All of these I have made.


All of this interest in Indians and the frontier naturally brought me to the making of pipe tomahawks. Many of the skills used to make a flintlock rifle are used in making a tomahawk and some gunsmiths of the past made them also.

Castings, Locks and Gun Mounts

With a keen interest in authentic rifle making and quality antique gun restoration I began to sand cast my brass mounts. I then learned to make molds for investment casting which gave me accurate copies of antique gun parts which are available nowhere else. These parts enable me to make and restore quality firearms.

Teaching and Consulting

Over the years I have enjoyed teaching and speaking on the subject of the Kentucky longrifle.  I have taught classes at the annual Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Gunsmithing Seminar for many years.  Also I have taught students rifle making in my own shop.  Many collectors of antique guns have had me examine pieces in their collection in order to authenticate or advise them about restoration.