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I usually have an example of work on hand for sale.  These pieces are complete and ready for shipping.  Payment must be received before the item will be shipped.

This rifle is copied from the famous Oerter rifle which was made at Christian's Spring, PA in 1775. The original piece is signed on the barrel "Chris Oerter : Chris. Spring . 1775 No 164". Jack signed his rifle "I. Brooks : Christian : 2007 No. 164.1". The presentation grade curly maple stock is decorated with silver wire inlay and has a griffin carved behind the cheek piece. The mythical beast has bone inlay for the beak and claws. The side opening brass patch box is decorated with fine engraving. Jack thinks that the antique rifle is perhaps the most important American longrifle that survives. This rifle is also featured in the Photo Gallery

Being a full time gun maker for 30 years, I now also offer a variety of castings for sale to gunsmiths, collectors, and re-enactors who desire the ultimate in authentic parts.  My goal is to offer quality parts in a timely manner.  Most parts will be made directly from molds of antique gun parts. New offerings will be available continually from my own collection as well as others. 





English Flintlock, by Gregory, circa 1700,

5 11/16’ long.


Price: $150 




















Germanic Flintlock, circa 1760,

5 1/4” long.


Price: $150              




French Flintlock by Soiron circa 1690,

4 ¾” long.


Price: $150      










English style lock circa 1800 from J. Cooke Kentucky rifle,

4 ½’ long.


Price: $150











Dutch Flintlock circa 1690,

6¾” long.  

Price: $150        










English Flintlock by Ketland & Co., circa 1790, 5 7/16 long.

Price: $150  












English Flintlock, by E. Newton, circa 1760, 5 ¾” long.

Price: $150









Dutch fancy pierced side plate circa 1690, fancy,  for  6 ¾” lock, brass or steel.
Price: $45
Please contact Jack Brooks for more information or to order.
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